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How to hide your email address in your CBS sports fantasy league (illustrated)

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Sports field with line painted - how to hide your email address in your CBS sports fantasy league

If you're part of a fantasy league on CBS sports, the default when you sign up is that everyone else in your league can see your email address. You might not want that, especially if you don't already know everyone in your league well.

Here is how to hide your email address in your CBS sports fantasy league. It's easy to do but not immediately obvious so here is an illustrated tutorial.

First, log into your CBS sports account. Once you've logged in, go to "my teams" (it's near where the log in button was) as shown in the image below. Then select your fantasy league where you want to hide your email.

Screenshot of CBS sports account after log in showing my teams

Then when you're in your fantasy league, you can see the list of players and their emails by going to the "Players" tab as shown in the photo below.

screenshot of CBS sports fantasy league headings and tabs

You'll notice that some people's emails will be visible while others won't. The next step is to hide your email. To the right of the league heading, there is a gear icon. Go to the gear and then to "Personal info", as shown in the next screenshot.

Screenshot of fantasy league in CBS sports showing the gear icon to update personal information

After going to "Personal info" you will see a pop up box as seen in the next picture. This offers you the option to hide your email address from the other players in your league.

Screenshot of dialog box in CBS sports fantasy league showing how to hide email address

With the settings above, you want to check "Don't show my email address to other pool members" as shown in the picture, and then press the "Save" button.

That's it! You're done.

Optionally, to make sure it worked, look again at your league in the "Players" tab. Your email will be replaced by asterisks.

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