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Best places for cubic zirconia jewelry for women

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If you want stunning women's jewelry that looks just like diamonds but at a fraction of the price point, cubic zirconia is the way to go.

In addition to wearing it as everyday jewelry at home, I particularly recommend using cubic zirconia jewelry when you're traveling. This is because if it were to get lost or stolen, you haven't lost anything super-valuable as would be the case with diamond jewelry.

Here are the best places to buy high quality, tasteful cubic zirconia jewelry. You deserve to have gorgeous jewelry that looks just like diamonds - without breaking the bank!

First, here is a brief explanation of cubic zirconia and how it differs from diamonds.

What is cubic zirconia and how is it different to diamonds?

Cubic zirconia is a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide and is synthesized in a lab. This is different to diamonds, which is a crystalline form of carbon and is mainly produced by mining for naturally occurring deposits (although some diamonds are now being lab-grown).

Although they are very different chemically, cubic zirconia and diamonds look extremely similar. In fact, cubic zirconia has a level of clarity that very few diamonds have. So in that sense, cubic zirconia can look slightly "better" than diamonds to the eye.

Did you know that cubic zirconia was not originally used as jewelry? It was originally developed for use in industrial and scientific applications, such as lasers and optical instruments. However, the beautiful look of cubic zirconia meant it later was also used as jewelry.

Advantages of cubic zirconia

  1. Affordability - cubic zirconia jewelry is much cheaper than diamond jewelry.
  2. Looks beautiful without looking fake - cubic zirconia mimics the look of diamonds so closely that you can't tell one from the other with the naked eye. Cubic zirconia is completely different to fake-looking crystal jewelry. Cubic zirconia looks just like diamonds, so for example you can get cubic zirconia rings that look real.
  3. Socially responsible - since cubic zirconia is lab-synthesized not mined, there is no such thing as a conflict cubic zirconia. This gives it an advantage over diamonds.

Best places for high quality cubic zirconia jewelry

Here are the best places for affordable, high quality cubic zirconia jewelry. That's right, you can get amazing women's jewelry without breaking the bank.


For sheer amount of choice, you can't beat the cubic zirconia jewelry collection at Macy's. Whether it's earrings, a ring, a necklace, or something else, they have plenty of beautiful cubic zirconia options.

The only negative is that Macy's can be a little expensive compared to other stores (but still much cheaper than buying diamonds!)


For a more affordable alternative to Macy's, you'll enjoy a surprisingly great range of cubic zirconia jewelry at Etsy - and with a much lower price tag.

Another advantage of Etsy besides price is that some artisans are willing to make custom versions of an item they sell (e.g. a different necklace length).


The selection of cubic zirconia jewelry at Nordstrom is all about you. Whether you want something quietly discreet or a blingy "I've arrived!" look, you can find your style there.

The Nordstrom prices were on par with Macy's or slightly lower, I noticed, which is wonderful. Before realizing what a good deal their cubic zirconia prices were, I'd always been a bit hesitant to shop there. Not anymore! It's definitely worth taking a look at their styles if you're in the market to buy cubic zirconia.

In particular, I can see they're appealing to the higher-end look of the market - without having a higher end price sticker, which is great to see.


Amazon's range of cubic zirconia jewelry and its strong customer service means that if you buy from there and don't like it, it's relatively easy to return. Prices are among the lowest of the stores mentioned here.

The only downside of shopping at Amazon for jewelry is that you can't be as sure of the quality: anyone can sell there (unlike Macy's or Nordstrom, for example). So if you shop at Amazon for women's jewelry, be careful to read product reviews so you can get a sense of the look and quality.

Starlette Galleria

If you're looking specifically for a focus on modern up-to-date styles and a low price point, I recommend Starlette Galleria.

Starlette Galleria is all about making today's trends affordable without sacrificing quality.

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